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Finding The Best Lighting For Your Aquarium

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Finding The Best Lighting For Your Aquarium

Once you realized that your aquarium can not do without lighting, the next step would to find the
right lighting for your tank. But before purchasing lighting accessories for your aquarium, it is
important to know what kind of lighting system best suit your aquarium set-up, and the costs

Besides concern about the aesthetic aspects of illuminating your aquarium, find out what the most
conductive lighting conditions are for keeping the species of fish and/or aquatic plants that you have
in your aquarium well and alive.

Certain aquarium inhabitants can be easily stressed or killed as a result of incorrect lighting decisions.
Aquatic plant species that require light for photosynthesis will surely perish if they are not provided
with a sufficient amount of it.

Which Are The Various Types Of Aquarium Lighting?
Generally there are four main types of lighting available, and they are

Power compact

These come in various forms; including pendants, independent bulb hoods, combination (fluorescent,
compact, and halide) hoods and other do-it-yourself kits.

There are advantages and disadvantages in using each of these, in terms of brightness (lumens),
spectrum, intensity, color rendition and depth penetration. For instance, blue compact fluorescent
colors in fish and corals, making them look more attractive.

Most aquariums do very well with standard fluorescent or incandescent lighting. However, with
technological advancements, and the popularity of saltwater reef and planted freshwater aquariums,
the demand for more sophisticated forms of lighting has grown. Experienced fish hobbyists with the
know-how use a combination of different types of lighting to achieve certain results.

How Much Do I Pay For The Lighting?
Cost is an important factor if you are thinking of using the more sophisticated high-tech metal halide,
compact fluorescent or combination lighting systems. You also have to bear in mind the future
expenditure on maintenance of the lighting system. Check the cost of replacement bulbs and how
often they need to be changed. Generally, most aquarium bulbs have to be changed once every 12
to 18 months.

(article by Mermaid)

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